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Implementation is the Achilles Heel

of Consulting


is the

Achilles Heel

of Consulting

When Clients become Fans

„When other consultancies

talk, it’s all Greek to me. 

When Czipin speaks,

I understand Profit Increase. 

That’s the Game Changer!“

„When other consultancies talk, it’s all 

Greek to me. When Czipin speaks, I understand 

Profit Increase. That’s the Game Changer!

>  Stephan Zöchling 

  CEO Remus Sebring Group

>  Stephan Zöchling · CEO Remus Sebring Group 

„In Project 

Development  no one 

can lead us the Way. 

In  Productivity  


„In Project Development 

no one can lead us the Way. 

In  Productivity yes.

> Thomas G. Winkler 

> Martin Löcker 

> Patric Thate 

UBM Development

> Thomas G. Winkler > Martin Löcker > Patric Thate · UBM Development 

„Czipin acted like a 

good journalist, agonized 

us (and himself) and did 

not let up despite massive 

resistance. Thank You.

„Czipin acted like a good journalist,

agonized us (and himself) and did not let up

despite massive resistance. Thank You.

> Dr. Horst Pirker 

  CEO Verlagsgruppe News

> Dr. Horst Pirker · CEO Verlagsgruppe News 


of a nice tie,  he 

contributes practical 

solution  for our 


„Instead of a nice tie,  

he contributes practical solution 

for our problems.“

> Klaus Ortner 

  IGO-Ortner Gruppe

> Klaus Ortner ·  IGO-Ortner Gruppe 

“Czipin made

a clean job 

of disposing

off our


“Czipin made a clean job 

of disposing off

our process-waste.

> Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Mittermayr 

  Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG

> Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Mittermayr · Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG 


increased  our 


And lowered  our 

  blood pressure.”

“Czipin increased 

our productivity. And lowered 

our blood pressure.”

> Christian Langhammer 

> Christof Papousek 

  CINEPLEXX Kinogruppe

 Christian Langhammer > Christof Papousek · Cineplexx Kinogruppe 

“A lot of companies 

do not tap their 

full  potential. 

Luckily we are not  one 

  of them anymore.”

“A lot of companies do not tap their 

full potential. Luckily we are not one 

  of them anymore.”

> Karl-Heinz Strauss 


> Karl-Heinz Strauss · CEO PORR AG 

“Czipin is the first 

consultancy that managed 

to keep me awake 

during their analysis 


“Czipin is the first consultancy

that managed to keep me awake during

their analysis presentation.”

> Andreas Ludwig

  Umdasch Group AG

> Andreas Ludwig · Umdasch Group AG 

“Czipin has been 

the only one to link 

his fees to our success. 

Others call it crazy. 

I call it fair. 

“Czipin has been the only one to link 

his fees to our success. Others call it crazy. 

I call it fair.

> Mag. Albin Hahn 

  Josef Manner & Comp. AG

> Mag. Albin Hahn · Josef Manner & Comp. AG 

“At last a consultant

who listens before 

he speaks. And when

he speaks, you are

 glad to listen.

“At last a consultant who listens before 

he speaks. And when he speaks,

you are glad to listen.

> Eveline Pupeter 

  Emporia Telecom

> Eveline Pupeter · Emporia Telecom 

 “At first our

staff was reluctant 

 to let Czipin in. 

Today they are his 

  biggest fans.

„Zuerst wollten unsere Leute 

 ihn gar nicht reinlassen, 

heute sind sie seine größten Fans.

> Mag. Heinrich Pecina 

  VCP Capital Partners

> Mag. Heinrich Pecina · VCP Capital Partners 

“We have 

been working 

with Czipin 

   for a long time – 

  he is good.

“We have been working 

with Czipin for a long time – 

  he is good.

> Josef Taus 

> Josef Taus 

“In real life 

it is not a

white knight 

but a 

  red elephant.

“In real life it is

not a white knight but a 

  red elephant.

> Dr. Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer 

  Senior Advisor

> Dr. Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer · Senior Advisor 

“We were planning 

to get one step ahead 

of competition. We ended 

   up two steps ahead – 

  not bad either.”

“We were planning to get one step ahead 

of competition. We ended up two steps ahead – 

  not bad either.”

> Eduard Kranebitter 

  CEO Schlumberger AG

> Eduard Kranebitter · CEO Schlumberger AG 

“Czipin is 

no luxury 

but rather

a competitive 


“Czipin is no luxury 

but rather a competitive 


> Mag. Michael Wardian, CEO 

  Kirchdorfer Fertigteilholding

> Mag. Michael Wardian, CEO · Kirchdorfer Fertigteilholding 

Grey Routine is

somewhere else

The Red Elephants are the next Step

in the Evolution of Consulting

In every business

we make out a

potential improvement

of 20% in average

Unser „Quick-Check“

findet im Durchschnitt

20% Verbesserungs-Potenzial: 

The ”Quick-Check“ 

Always Free of Charge*  –

but not for Nothing

>Make an Appoitment

Always Free of Charge*   –

but not for Nothing

>Make an Appoitment


What exactly happens when

we were called for Help

What exactly

happens when

we were called

for Help

>Check out our 

entertaining Cases 


(Many found themselves here)

>Check out 

our entertaining 



(Many found

themselves here)


 Czipin Story –  

from the


The Czipin Story –  

from the Ashes

> Order free

   of Charge

> Order free of Charge 


from outside of the 


Insider-Stories from

outside of the Comfortzone

Read Alois Czipins 

exciting Records from 

the ”Battlefront“ 

>Read Alois Czipins 

exciting Records from 

the ”Battlefront“ 

What we do

and how  

You benefit

from us

What we do and

how You benefit from us

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