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Czipin promises its clients a new kind of management consulting. 
This of course requires a new kind of consultant

If you want to get something across to people, you have to behave like a person and not
like a machine. That is why, when we choose our people, we look for strong personalities who we then
promote with a range of subject-related seminars and workshops, while working hard to develop
their personal entertainment skills. You won’t find slick drones on our team

We don’t always use briefcases to take
our clients to the top

We believe it’s important to stay alert in your mind. Routine only ever produces messy results. That’s why we set our sights
on each and every client anew, and depict images of the scenarios in which they find themselves.
It’s effort that pays off for all of us. It’s like the time we ran a presentation dressed as mountaineers – anyone who was there
knows what we’re talking about. The kind of ‘positive madness’ which we practice and promote is what makes working
at Czipin not only especially varied, but also especially effective, since it’s precisely
that euphoric spark that can quickly ignite our clients

Our consultants aren’t novices –
because your company isn’t an experiment

Ten years of career experience is the minimum for us to perform for you at a maximum. The instincts required
for this sensitive work aren’t learned at university, they’re learned on the job. As well as possessing a
high level of responsibility, commitment, and technical expertise, our staff are especially good at dealing with people.
We insist that they talk to you on an equal footing instead of talking down to you, that they entertain you instead of boring you,
that they convince you instead of lecturing you, and that they motivate you instead of frightening you