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A better way of understanding

Companies are better off entrusting themselves to
someone who speaks their own language

Our people abandoned gobbledygook and replaced it with clear terminology so that you wouldn’t feel
like you were talking to aliens. It was a small step with a big effect

Success is always the 

result of good entertainment

The How is often more important than the What. That’s why you’re well advised
to reduce your content to the essentials and convey it as entertainingly as possible.
Unfortunately not everyone can do that – but everyone at Czipin can

You can achieve more with two standard-issue ears
than with expensive laptops

The more networked we become, the less we talk to each other. And yet the most important insights
are gained only when talking face to face – provided you have an open ear for the person
you’re talking with. We’ve never understood why this source of information is not used by everyone –
but we use it, and that’s good for you

Given the right motivation you can make it to Mars – 
and to greater productivity, too

It was the power of motivation that built the pyramids, discovered continents, and invented the light bulb.
Anyone who knows how to trigger motivation can achieve anything – including in your company