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Our success is your opportunity! 

Jump on board. Now! 


increased  our 


And lowered  our 

  blood pressure.”

> Christian Langhammer 

> Christof Papousek 

  CINEPLEXX Kinogruppe

“A lot of companies 

do not tap their 

full  potential. 

Luckily we are not  one 

  of them anymore.”

> Karl-Heinz Strauss


“Czipin is the first 

consultancy that managed 

to keep me awake 

during their analysis 


> Andreas Ludwig

  Umdasch Group AG

“Czipin has been 

the only one to link 

his fees to our success. 

Others call it crazy. 

I call it fair.

> Mag.Albin Hahn

  Josef Manner & Comp. AG

“At last a consultant

who listens before 

he speaks. And when

he speaks, you are

 glad to listen.

> Eveline Pupeter

  Emporia Telecom

 “At first our

staff was reluctant 

 to let Czipin in. 

Today they are his 

  biggest fans.

> Mag.Heinrich Pecina

  VCP Capital Partners

“We have 

been working 

with Czipin 

   for a long time – 

  he is good.

> Josef Taus


“In real life 

it is not a

white knight 

but a 

  red elephant.

> Dr.Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer

  Senior Advisor

“Czipin is our man 

for the job, because 

he will not entrust  the 

future of our company 

  to greenhorns.”

> Harald Nograsek

  Verkehrsbüro Group

“We were planning 

to get one step ahead 

of competition. We ended 

   up two steps ahead – 

  not bad either.”

> Eduard Kranebitter

  CEO Schlumberger AG


 would have

 been long out  of

 the woods

   with Czipin.

> Dr.Karl Sevelda

  Raiffeisen Bank International AG

“Czipin is 

no luxury 

but rather

a competitive 


> Mag. Michael Wardian, CEO

  Kirchdorfer Fertigteilholding